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Prepaid wireless broadband plans: Russia

Russian mobile providers are region-based; if you buy a sim in one region and then move to another, then your credit will be used up at much higher rates, so buy a new sim when you move to a different region. The prices listed here are for the Moscow region; other regions will be cheaper.

To buy a sim from a mobile phone store, you’ll need a Russian passport; instead, buy sims from kiosks where they will be already pre-registered, usually under a fake name.

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Provider Plan Data Duration Price Details
Beeline Unlimited Internet unlimited 1 day RUB 13.00 Details
Beeline Unlimited Starter 128kbps unlimited 30 days RUB 295.00 Details
Beeline Optimal NL 512kbps unlimited 30 days RUB 450.00 Details
MTS Connect-4 Standard Rate 1 Mb unlimited RUB 1.50 Details
MTS Connect 4 NL-Mini 7500 Mb 30 days RUB 450.00 Details
MTS Connect 4 NL-Maxi 15000 Mb 30 days RUB 750.00 Details
MTS Connect 4 NL-Super 30000 Mb 30 days RUB 1350.00 Details
MTS Connect 4 NL-VIP unlimited 30 days RUB 2990.00 Details
Megafon Basic Unlimited Internet 1500 Mb 30 days RUB 220.00 Details
Megafon Practical unlimited Internet 2500 Mb 30 days RUB 500.00 Details
Megafon Optimal unlimited Internet 4000 Mb 30 days RUB 800.00 Details
Megafon Progressive Unlimited Internet 8000 Mb 30 days RUB 1100.00 Details
Megafon Maximum unlimited Internet 16000 Mb 30 days RUB 1400.00 Details
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