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Prepaid wireless broadband plans: New Zealand

New Zealand has fairly widespread 3g availability, although rates are fairly high and quotas are low.

This may change, as the new operator, 2 Degrees, expands, but for the moment, it is only available in a few large cities.

Note that Telecom New Zealand uses 2100MHz and 850MHz, so you’ll need a phone that is capable of this frequency to use their service. The other operators use 2100MHz and 900Mhz.

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Provider Plan Data Duration Price Details
2 Degrees Mobile 1GB Data Pack 1000 Mb 30 days NZD 20.00 Details
2 Degrees Mobile 3Gb Data Pack 3000 Mb 60 days NZD 50.00 Details
2 Degrees Mobile 12Gb Data Pack 12000 Mb 180 days NZD 150.00 Details
Telecom New Zealand Casual Rate 10 Mb 1 day NZD 1.00 Details
Telecom New Zealand Mobile Broadband 500MB 500 Mb 30 days NZD 29.95 Details
Telecom New Zealand Mobile Broadband 2GB 2000 Mb 30 days NZD 61.06 Details
Telecom New Zealand Mobile Broadband 4GB 4000 Mb 30 days NZD 81.51 Details
Vodafone Broadband Lite 100 Mb 30 days NZD 10.00 Details
Vodafone Broadband Surfer 512 Mb 30 days NZD 30.00 Details
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